Thursday, 19 March 2009

Signage Systems & Information Graphics

This is the book that i looked into to gain an understanding of what information design is about. The book help me realise how the best way is to show infomation through design. It made me understand that the best way to give information is too keep it nice, and simple. the reason for this is it has an equal balence of force. This book also inspired me to the style of work that is actually found in information design and relate that to the work i am influenced by (Graffiti/sticker graphics)which can be a better way of making the information more attractive to my target market.

These are a few images from the book which i found very useful.

I also found out that the text/typography used in Information design are always very bold and eyecatching never anything fancy, For example Helvetica. and also that grids are used to make the information simple as they are used in typography and layout design.

Another Book which i font helpful was a book called Sign Graphics, that made me understand that colour is a good way of getting certian information off, by using bold, contrasting colours to grab attention.

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