Thursday, 26 March 2009

Leisure details..

My target audience will be involved with these type of leisure activity's, events. Not saying all of my target audience will do these things. But is most likely they are involved in these more than once every fortnight.

Sports and Fitness
Sports and fitness are Hobbies my target audience will engage with, as most people that I know and see at a gym are all around the age 18 – 25 both male and female. I ask people why they go to places like the gym they say 'it makes them feel better about themselves, more confidant and it also realises happy emotions and relieves stress'. Sports are other hobbies which also do the same, this is a lot more social that helps meet new people and working together as a team or supporting as a team/crowd. A lot of money is spent in sports and fitness as some people watch big football games etc for pride, abroad etc and people spend a lot of money on gym memberships for help in their appearance, physical and mental health.


My target audience will also be a fan of TV/Entertainment and food. This gives them time to relax or burn off some steam. They will spend most of their hard earned wage on both of these. For example lots of people 18-25 go out for meals, as it gives them time to relax and not worry about cooking for themselves they see this as a treat and a enjoyable social activity, maybe on dates or with friends, family etc. Also things like the cinemas, crazy golf, Ice skating, swimming are also hobbies which my target audience will enjoy, giving them a buzz and a sense of fun. In and around these places my work could be seen their places they attend week in week out.


Music plays a huge part in everybody's lives, it plays with emotion, rage, relief, fun, sports. Music is one thing i know all my target audience enjoy as there is so many styles to suit certain people. My target audience will involve themselves with music more than several times on day to day basis and spend a lot of money and their own time into music. They engage with music by going to clubs/bars where music helps create an environment where people can have fun. They also link to music when they buy a CD or download a song, This makes you feel happy and you’ve found something new. my target audience will also love going to live gigs etc, seeing new and favourite bands with their friends which will help create great memories.

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