Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Colour me in.

Colours that i use in my work are just as important as the actual image itself, Each color i use can speak a silent message to people and colors have a different message within each culture. Choosing the correct colours for my work, could result in a clearer understanding and greater message given to the visual reader.

i found an article, written by Maureen Stone about
Choosing Colors for Data Visualization. Which helped me gain more knowledge into the way colour is best gained in Information design and how i could relate this to my work.

Colour is very important throughout graphic design its the first thing we see when looking at design. Colour can be helpful but also be a disaster depending on how the designer takes advantage of colour in there work.

**These are a list of websites i will be using to help me choose my colour palette and choose the correct contrasting colours**




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