Wednesday, 25 March 2009

People?? Where??

As i found out from my Brief my target audience is people aged 18-25, i started to look into the type of people that would be viewing my work.

Where i began to understand from looking at photos that my target audince were fun, energetic students, trade person's, office workers, that kind of style of work for young people. My target audience would see this work mainly in big cities/towns across the Uk, places where the university is very successful and lots of students love going there.

After realising the kind of target audience i am working with i started to look into the enviroments they work and live in, and how my work would fit there. The kind of accommodation which my target audience would be living in would be rented flats/apartments, student flat/houses. As they will not earn will not be earning enough income to afford their own house. The work that I produce may be seen in places like the reception of the flats etc in this surrounding area where it would be seen every day by my target audience.

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